Assess your paper, part 2
............Is your paper well-crafted?

Second--and less clear cut: Is your paper well crafted? Consider the questions below and make any necessary corrections.

  • Now that you've almost finished your paper, do a final assessment of your bibliography. Is everything in order, or does your bibliography--and by extension, your paper--need strengthening in some areas?

  • Is the information in your paper accurate? Does your paper really reflect the information and ideas expressed by the authors of the sources you consulted? Remember that if a savvy reader finds factual errors, he or she will assume there are others that are less obvious and will reject your paper as unreliable.

  • Were you careful in your preparation of a colored footnote version of your paper to identify instances of common knowledge? Did you revise and strengthen your paper if you discovered that some things that you thought were common knowledge actually are the focus of scholarly disagreement?

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