Finding your materials, part 2:
Do a combination catalog and shelf search

To an extent this may overlap the search you did when following the Checklist for Week One.

a) Now that you have a clear(er) sense of your project, once again search the Library catalog to get a sense of additional specific books, and by extension also additional call number ranges that may be useful to you. If you're not really clear on how this works, go back and review the discussion of call numbers in the Checklist for Week One

b) Armed with your list of books to find and call number ranges to check out, once again go down to the stacks to find specific books, to search the shelves near these books, and also to search the shelves in your chosen call number ranges.

This time, however, you'll be treating the books differently: you'll be doing a careful evaluation of the books you find, and will begin to "snowball"--techniques that are outlined in the next two sections.

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