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....Study Tips: It matters how you think about knowledge

A quick overview

.* Dictionary of Art Historians, Outline of the History of Art History
Kahn Academy Art History Basics (videos)
Potts, A. What is the History of Art? History Today

Art & Art History courses and videos online--free and low cost
.....More online study listed on the Careers page

......1200 Free Online Courses from Top Universities
..*.Art History courses (posted on Cosmo Learning)
..*.MasterClass "Online classes taught by the world's greatest minds"
........Annual subscription gives access to all courses
.....smarthistory & Kahn Academy Art history survey (more than 1770 videos)

Avoiding Embarrassment
..*.How to Pronounce Artist's Names, vol. 1 Artspace
..*.How to Pronounce Artist's Names, vol. 2 Artspace

Bibliographies: the History of Art History
.......Dictionary of Art Historians
..........*.General Historiographies


.....Barnet, S. A Short Guide to Writing About Art
.....D'Alleva. Methods & Theories of Art History

*.New entry

Books, continued
.....Macaulay, D. Motel of the Mysteries (A cautionary tale for scholars)
.....Maranci, C. A Survival Guide for Art History Students

A history of Urbanization
....Video, and article by Yale University researchers


....Frakt, A. An Ancient and Proven Way to Improve Memory NY Times
. *.Oakley, B. Learning How To Learn: Powerful mental tools to you master tough subjects
........Coursera course--Free if you opt not to get a certificate.
....Study Tips: It matters how you think about knowledge

.....Art History Teaching Resources
.. ..Critical Thinking Community
.....Digital Keys for Unlocking Humanities' Riches NY Times
...*.SHANTI Interactive "a suite of tools that make it easy to create
 ....... highly interactive web-based visualizations, videos, and maps. They are freely available from the University of Virginia's Sciences, Humanities & Arts Network of Technological Initiatives (SHANTI)"

.....Bates, A. W. Teaching in a Digital Age Free e-text
.....Visual Thinking Strategies

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